Pet Bar


Our 4Paws Pet Bar is a new addition to our Essential Oil | Natural Colourant Collection.


This bar is designed for dogs, cats and even horses.  The bar combines fresh goats' milk and essential oils to assist in maintaining healthy skin and hair, reducing skin irritations due to insects bites or allergies.  You buy your favourites, now your best friend can now have their own soap bar too!


Goats' milk soap has similar pH level to our own skin creating a perfect balance for gentle care.


Handmade with Love in the Hilltops region of NSW using the traditional cold process method and combined with quality oils and ingredients your skin will love.


Net. 110g bar gifted in a branded muslin bag.

4Paws Pet Bar

SKU: 0014
  • Ingredients

    Fresh Goats' Milk, Coconut, Olive & Vegetable Oils, Essential Oils, Neem Oil & Sodium Hydroxide (Lye). 


    Whilst The Karma Soap Company makes every effort to achieve a consistent product, the beauty of these handmade soaps is that each bar is an individual and can vary slightly from what is pictured.