Why Use Goats' Milk Soap?

It's good for us! 

Goats' milk contains lots of great nutrients like fats, proteins and other anti-oxidants that naturally benefit the skin, making it the perfect choice in handmade soaps. 


Our skin endures lots of damage when exposed to the elements we face every day.  This constant exposure can leaves skin feeling dry, taunt, even irritated and cracked and overall feeling generally uncomfortable.  Over time, it can even affect the skins appearance by aging it prematurely or causing skin irritations.

The moisturising benefits of goats' milk soap surpass that of commercial soap because of the natural goodness in goats' milk.  I hear from people all the time, how much better their skin feels after using goats' milk soap and how it has made their skin so smooth and hydrated.

Handmade goats' milk soap benefits people with sensitive skin because it doesn't contain additives like alcohol, petroleum or preservatives, thus reducing the risk of skin irritation and allergic reactions.

Goats' milk soap also benefits people with acne-prone skin because the proteins in milk kill acne-causing bacteria, also providing a gentler way of exfoliating and moisturising the skin.  The alpha-hydroxy acids found in goats' milk assists in removing dead skin cells from the skins surface, resulting in smoother and more radiant looking skin.  Your skin will feel rejuvinated and refreshingly clean.  

Eczema, a skin condition which inflames the skin causing it to become red, itchy and unsightly, has shown many times over the positive benefits from goats' milk soap.  The natural nutrients in goats' milk moisturise, reduce swelling and itchiness in the skin and enable the skin to return to a more normal pH level. 

The Karma Soap Company's handmade soaps nourish and cleanse your skin whilst maintaining perfect balance.

Why not try some today and see the difference on your skin.

The Good Stuff



Lots of vitamins!  

Goats' milk is particularly high in Vitamin A which supports skin repair, reduce lines and wrinkles, maintains healthy skin and can also control acne and provide psoriasis relief.



Such as Selenium which is believed to have links to preventing skin cancer.  It also helps prevent damage to the skin from sun exposure.



Good Fat! 

The fat or cream in goats' milk helps to nourish and moisturise the skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and healthy.


Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Such as lactic acid which assists in the removal of dead skin cells which leaves you with smoother, younger looking skin.  

Karma Soap Care

To get the most from our gorgeous handmade soaps, ensure the bars are able to dry out in between use.  This is best achieved on a soap dish or rack that allows water to drain away from the soap. 

Another important soap saving tip is to apply the soap directly to a cloth or loofah rather than applying directly to the skin.  


By following these two methods, your soap will last longer.


We have wooden soap savers and other accessories available for purchase on our 'Soap Accessories" tab.